My goal is to make the most period-correct furniture, possible. This means using the proper building techniques: mortise and tenon, frame and panel, and dovetail joinery. I saw my dovetails by hand. This is classic, traditional furniture construction and is built to last. No short cuts are taken.

Hand Work

Since I work primarily with hand tools, the finished piece bears the subtle look and feel of human touch. All surfaces are hand planed and scraped; all moldings are cut by hand. Two hundred years from now, when the piece is disassembled for restoration, all interior surfaces and joinery will show hand tool marks.


Again, the finish is applied by hand. Shellac and oil varnish are generally what I use. For hard used surfaces, I can apply varnish. I won’t use finishes that contain volatile organic compounds or hazardous air pollutants.


For the utmost in authenticity, I prefer using hardware from Londonderry Brasses. These are direct copies and cast from the originals and are the finest examples of 18th Century style hardware.