Mahogany Sideboard

Mahogany sideboard with inlaid stringing and bell flowers on the lower legs; upper legs feature satinwood panels with ebony stringing and dyed red and green bell flowers; original Maryland circa 1780-1800.

Mahogany Work Table

This mahogany work table features satinwood stringing outlining the panels and the slender legs; based on an original from Boston, MA circa 1790.

Pembroke Table

This Pembroke or breakfast table has a serpentine top, porringer corners, and stretchers pierced in the Gothic style. The legs are chamfered on four sides and terminate in tassel-like feet; based on an original from eastern Virginia circa 1760.

Walnut Bible Box

A small walnut Bible box highlights traditional sulfur inlay used in the line and berry decoration. The herringbone border is oak and cherry; based on an undated original from PA.

Philadelphia Walnut Lowboy

This Philadelphia walnut lowboy or dressing table has cabriole legs with trifid feet, shell-carved knees, and a scrolled apron; based on an original circa 1750-1760.

Curly Maple Serving Table

The simple design of this tray top serving table highlights the curly maple used to construct it; based on an original Newport, RI circa 1760.

Walnut Tilt Top Table

This walnut tilt top table features a dish top and a classic ball and ring tapered column; Based on an original from Philadelphia, PA circa 1760. The top can be lowered for easy storage against a wall or in a corner.

Walnut Spice Box

This walnut spice box on stand features a pair of arched doors with matching panels of figured walnut. Behind the doors, small drawers provide perfect storage for jewelry, The cabriole legs end in Spanish feet; based on an original from the Delaware Valley.Ca.1740-1760.

Magohany Basin Stand

This mahogany basin stand features a marble top and a sliding front tambour of contrasting woods that opens to reveal a painted interior. The tambour is flanked by inlaid columns.  Based on an original attributed to John and Thomas Seymour, Boston, circa 1800.

Bible/Document Box

This Bible or document box features curly maple panels bordered by cherry. The line and berry inlay on the panels is done in walnut and dyed red and green berries; based on an undated original from Chester County, PA.

Large Bible Box

  This large walnut Bible box features line and berry inlay in maple, cherry, white oak, ink-dyed cherry, and sulfur; based on an original from Chester County, PA circa 1740-1770.