• Research:

    Studying photographs of originals, noting proportions, and regional style and construction details. I have been fortunate to have examined and studied a number of original pieces both in museums and during restorations. I also have an extensive library of books, museum catalogs, and periodicals that cover 18th, 18th, and early 20th century furniture.

  • Design/Drafting:

    From my research I develop a full-scale drawing. At this stage, clients have input into the design; especially if the piece is to fit a particular space or serve a particular function.

  • Wood Selection:

    Primary and secondary woods (the primary or showcase wood and the secondary wood used for the case interior and drawer construction) are used as in the original or as commonly used in a particular region.

Note: I don’t use plywood or particleboard. It isn’t authentic and it isn’t good for the environment, or me!